About Brian F. Abramson

Brian is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, the federal district court (eastern district of Michigan), the Family, Criminal and Probate Law Sections of the State Bar, and Livonia Bar Association. Thousands of current and former clients have been successfully represented by him in various trial courts throughout Michigan. He is known by his colleagues and judges he practices before as an assertive, responsive, and analytical practitioner in his specialized areas of law. On a personal note, he has three children. He enjoys spending time with family, outdoor activities, traveling the world, and he is an avid sports enthusiast.

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Client empathy is required in my firm. Assertive and responsive representation is my reputation among the courts, my colleagues, and former clients.


With 26 years of successful experience, you can depend on our expert legal skills to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your legal struggles.


Our complete estate planning service lets you create a will that represents your needs. We’ll maintain it for you, no matter what type of goals you have. 

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Fight for your family’s best interests

When you work with Brian F. Abramson, you’ll receive one-on-one consultations and advice no matter what area of family law you may be dealing with. We’ll create a plan that will help you achieve the best possible outcome in your legal battle. With 23 years of successful experience, you can depend on our expert legal skills to help you during this difficult time.

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Child custody and support
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Visitation


Safeguard your future with a specialized divorce lawyer

Reduce the risk that your divorce will go poorly by hiring Brian F. Abramson to represent you. Make sure that you get the best possible start to your new life by placing your trust in an experienced, proven attorney.

  • Legal separation
  • Divorce questions answered – you’re protected with confidentiality
  • Contested and un-contested divorce filings
  • Out-of-court settlements


Are you in the middle of a child custody war?

As frustrating and overwhelming as child custody battles can be, you know what’s right for your child. Work closely with Attorney Brian F. Abramson to ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your child custody and support situation. You have more options than you think.

  • Child custody disputes
  • Child support disputes and changes
  • Paternity questions
  • Guardianship
  • Visitation


Take charge of your criminal law case today

With 23 years of experience representing criminal cases, Brian F. Abramson is ready to help you, too. Put your faith in an attorney who can provide you with frank, accurate information and tell you what your options are.

  • Felonies and misdemeanor charges
  • Drunk driving charges
  • Traffic violations
  • All criminal matters represented
  • All felony and misdemeanor charges, including
  • Drunk/drugged driving
  • Assault and battery
  • Resisting and obstructing
  • Domestic violence/assault
  • Possession of drugs/alcohol
  • Probation violations
  • Expungement/set aside convictions
  • Vehicular felonies
  • Firearms
  • Personal protection orders
  • Arraignments/pre-trials
  • All traffic matters


Get real answers to your questions, as well as the information you need to be supported in a court of law. Expect to fight for the best possible outcome in your case.


Are you facing criminal charges?

You may be worried, afraid, and confused about the felony or misdemeanor charges you are facing. Get the answers you need from an attorney with 23 years of successful experience. Learn about your options, fight the charges, get a plea agreement when possible, or get the lowest level of punishment for your crime.

  • Traffic violations
  • Drunk driving charges
  • Assaults and battery
  • Theft
  • All types of criminal law

Whether you need us to come to you as you talk to the police or to prep for court, Brian F. Abramson is here to assist you. Work with an aggressive attorney offering competitive rates and friendly, personalized legal services.


Have you been arrested for a traffic violation?

Whether you want to defend yourself from auto accidents or you are facing drunk driving charges, Brian F. Abramson is ready to support you. Don’t assume a simple charge will just go away. Protect your ability to drive, and potentially reduce your jail time, fines, and penalties when you work with us.

  • Driving under the influence
  • Moving violations
  • Felonies and misdemeanor charges
  • Criminal law and traffic court representation
  • Commercial violations


Receive help for all of your traffic needs.

With 23 years of experience and countless clients who have seen reduced fines and penalties, you can trust Brian F. Abramson to be there for you. You’ll get competitive rates, exceptional service, and aggressive legal representation.


Are your heirs completely protected?

If you haven’t updated your will in the last 5 years or created one to protect your dependents, now is the time to take action. Let Brian F. Abramson assist you no matter what type of goals you have. Our complete estate planning service lets you create a will that represents your needs. We’ll maintain it for you, too.

  • Low-cost will creation
  • Living wills
  • Trust creations
  • Guardianships
  • Probate support


Complete estate planning services available

Creating a trust can help to reduce your estate’s taxes upon your death. Protect your heirs with a comprehensive estate plan that ensures the best possible outcome. Our experienced attorney will work directly with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Don’t wait a day longer to make your wishes known.


Get your life back on track with an experienced attorney

Don't handle your legal struggles by yourself. Trust our criminal defense attorneys to help with your felony and misdemeanor charges every step of the way.
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    Words From Clients

    • Abramson has mad skills in the defense attorney arena. Preparation is his technique and he is very thorough. There is no greater attorney that is more capable of winning a case. He knows the laws and he will use them. Never before have I seen such exquisite techniques in a court room.

      Posted by CaptainKrissy
      Avvo Review
    • Brian is an excellent, knowledgeable attorney who puts people first. He represented me in my divorce and made sure every concern of mine was addressed which resulted in favorable decisions for me. I would recommend his services and have to family and friends. Thanks again Brian for your excellent representation!!

      Posted by Camilia
      Avvo Review
    • Even an amicable divorce is a terrible and frightening experience. Beginning with the consultation, Brian was straightforward and honest about what to expect. He was always accessible for my questions and concerns and responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Brian in matters of law for a fair and equitable outcome.

      Posted by Tara
      Avvo Review
    • Brian Abramson was a great divorce lawyer for me. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a fair, hard working attorney on their side….Thanks Brian!!

      Naomi Pryor
      Google Review
    • Brian Abramson was a wonderful lawyer. He always answered my questions through my divorce. He was very down to earth and very caring. I would recommend Brian Abramson to anyone who is in need of legal help

      Heather B
    • I hired Brian Abramson after he was highly recommended by a law professor I had. Once I met with Brian, explained my situation, and my circumstances he readily agreed to help me out. I felt instant relief as he was the 5th attorney I had met with and the only one who took the time to listen and understand.
      To not hire Brian is to take an unnecessary chance with your case. Thank you Brian!

      Avvo Review